As a landlocked artist in West Midlands, Suzie Lavender strives to bring the ocean inland and into your homes with her signature Shoreline Collection of decorative glassware and jewellery.

 The Shoreline Collection is an individual and exciting glass range of kiln fired glass art and accessories, the origins of which were born during Suzie’s university experimentations whilst studying towards her 2015 graduation in Applied Arts.

 A love of Welsh pebble beaches and the Ceredigion coastline prompted Suzie to explore bubbles and textures in her glasswork during her time at university, using metal oxides and quick firing schedules to encourage scientific reactions within the glass, culminating in the work you see today. 
 Ethically sourced (see below) copper and cobalt oxides are added to clear glass during production and they create the stunning blue and turquoise hues and also the dramatic bubble effects.  It can be surprising to learn that no coloured glass is used in this range.  Due to these techniques each item created is individual and unique as the bubble placement and colour hues will vary from piece to piece. 





“People often ask whether the range is available in an alternative colour scheme. Do you do anything other than blue? I get asked that a lot, But honestly I didn’t choose the blues, through my research and experimentations they chose me! My long term plan is to one day do my Master’s Degree and use this time to experiment in greater detail with other materials to see what other effects and colour I can achieve.”  Suzie Lavender


All pieces are cut, decorated by hand and kiln fired in Suzie’s Wolverhampton Studio.

Commissions and consultations are always welcome. 

Suzie also teaches regular glass fusing workshops throughout the West Midlands, Shropshire and Staffordshire




Suzie is commited to using ethically sourced materials

The world's press have reported upon worrying conditions in cobalt mines within the Democratic Republic of Congo, specifically the use and exploitation of child labour and extremely unhealthy conditions.  Thankfully Amnesty International have brought this to the world's attention and demand for ethical cobalt is growing.  Cobalt is an important material used in battery production worldwide and used in many rechargable batteries therefore it is important that those mining it do so in safe and healthy conditions. 

All of Suzie's materials are therefore sourced from ethical suppliers.

You can read the Amnesty report here: